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Scooter Servicing

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Here at the Emporium we have complete workshop facilities. Our fully trained mechanics can cover all your requirements from a simple service to a complete rebuild. Dont be fooled by cheap webistes offering cheap roadside services. Imagine standing there in the pouring rain whilst a person attempts to repair your scooter - No Thanks. These people are not trained mechanics and the repair is not guaranteed in any way. Why not pop your scooter along to us in the centre of London and go back to work or pop along to the many wonderful cafes and restaurants just a minute away. Listed Below is a guide to when you should have a service done

NEW SCOOTERS. (1 mile = 1.609 kilometers)

VESPA PX125 / LML 125

1ST 1000 KM - 622 Miles
2ND 5000 KM - 3108 Miles
3RD 10000 KM - 6216 Miles
4TH 15000 KM - 9322 Miles
5TH 20000 KM - 12430 Miles
6TH 25000 KM - 15537 Miles
7TH 30000 KM - 18645 Miles


1ST 1000 KM - 622 Miles
2ND 3000 KM - 1865 Miles
3RD 6000 KM - 3729 Miles
4TH 9000 KM - 5593 Miles
5TH 12000 KM - 7458 Miles
6TH 15000 KM - 9322 Miles
7TH 18000 KM - 11187 Miles

If you have any servicing questions or would like to book a service, please contact us via e-mail at or call us on 0207 3752277.