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We can offer finance on any of our Scooters that are less than 10 years old. Below we have listed some examples of typical finance. We can offer finance on a complete package, including accessories or Helmets etc. You can increase the amount of deposit you wish to pay in order to reduce your monthly payments. The minimum amount of credit must be 1000. Credit is arranged through Lloyds Blackhorse. Credit is subject to Status and terms and conditions apply.

Please call or email to enquire about figures on a specific machine. You can e-mail us at or phone on 0207 3752277.

Some examples of Lloyds Blackhorse Figures can be seen below.

ET4 (50cc) - On The Road Price - 1599.00
Deposit 25
12 Months @ 149.76
24 Months @ 80.01
36 Months @ 56.38

ET4 (125cc) - On The Road Price - 2199.00
Deposit 25
12 Months @ 203.76
24 Months @ 109.43
36 Months @ 77.64

PX (125cc) - On The Road Price - 1999.00
Deposit 25
12 Months @ 185.76
24 Months @ 99.76
36 Months @ 70.55

Alternatively you can apply for a loan to purchase your scooter by clicking Scooter Loan Application

This loan is arranged through Ingram Finance Limited and all loans and rates are based on your personal circumstances. You can borrow any amount from 250 upwards and for any product in the shop